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Climate Sense Book Launch

Climate Sense: A Practical Guide To the Overwhelm of the Changing Climate

Like millions of other people, do you feel frozen in place at the mere mention of climate? Do you want to put your head under a pillow and ignore it all?
What if you could understand how important you are to our world?

Climate Sense: A Practical Guide To the Overwhelm of the Changing Climate is an invitation to take up constructive actions. Becoming part of the solutions feels good. Climate Sense gives context by way of positive responses to past environmental disasters. This engaging and understandable book takes a hard look at where we are now in terms of the climate changing, and then walks us through actions each person can take. Expect to come away with a clear and inspiring sense of what you can do.

Patricia Hinkley, author, instructor and Climate Concerns Counselor is dedicated to helping people navigate these times. She is the author of Climate Sense: A Practical Guide to Finding Solutions and Keeping Your Cool, Chasing Sleep/Lonely Tussles in the Dark and Claiming Space/Finding Stillness that Inspires Action. Pat’s medical experience as an RN, and holistic psychotherapist inform her unique perspective and ability to help people manage their responses to the stressors and situations in their lives, bringing the seemingly out of control back into balance. She lives near the beach in southern Rhode Island with her doodle dog and fluffy, gray cat. 

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